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I was browsing my Multiply and found an album I uploaded about two years ago. The album consists of my daily outfit, too bad it didn’t last long because I kept on gaining weight. :p

I really miss those months not worrying about what I ate because I went to gym every friggin day after work. I got addicted to the gym so bad that the Guy thought I was having an affair! LOL. The only affair I had was with the RPM bike. There was no day without RPM.

I’ve gained A LOT of weight since then. I stopped going when it was Lebaran break and haven’t been working out seriously since then. Plus, I haven’t been enjoying what I eat because all I can think of is the calories. I did try a couple of times to go back to the gym but it didn’t last long due to lack of commitment.

Well, after seeing those pics of mine yesterday, I was reminded by the comfortable feeling of not having to worry about my body every single second, not having to worry about how I look when I’m on top the calories of the food I eat and etc.

So from this week on, I will start exercising and eating right. I don’t expect to lose that much weight but at least I will look good when I’m on top I won’t have people calling me fat anymore. Wish me luck!




  1. hahahahaa…. kok di-strikethrough sih ste…?? (lmao)

    • PG 13… not. :))

  2. (rofl)

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