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revlon green matte eyeshadow

an emergency purchased item, along with a blush, compact powder and dark brown liquid eyeliner.

yesterday I had a whole day workshop at BPOM, salemba and a wedding reception at Balai Samudera after that. I’ve brought my things with me so I could change after the workshop and didn’t have to go home first. Little did I know that my mother told the driver to went home because my brother needed the car and the driver left with all my stuff.

I hitched a ride with a colleague to MOI after the workshop because it was done by four and there was 3 more hours until the reception. I had to buy some basic make up because I looked like hell and also I had to get my hair done because it was raining hard and my hair got wet. Luckily I was wearing a decent batik outfit that was appropriate for a wedding.

this and that.

we got home finding our kitchen, storage room and dining room covered with water. It must had rained very hard in this area because the hole in our ceiling got bigger. Practically rained inside the house.

ended the day with half mug of Absolut Vodka Mandrin. which cause my blood pressure to drop significantly. Probably because I only slept about 3 hours the night before. I fainted in the kitchen when I was making instant noodles. But managed to regain my consciousness by forcing myself to get up and wash my face. Kept telling myself that I’d burn our kitchen if I wouldn’t get up. The fire off, I walked to our room and fainted again LOL. The guy told me that I was as pale as a ghost especially with my eye make up smeared all over my face. Haha

hope Saturday won’t be so bad.
enjoy yours.



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