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Monday was the Guy’s birthday, too bad I got sick :( He skipped work to take care of me, that’s very sweet of him. He woke me up every couple of hours to give me warm drinks, rubbed vicks vaporub to ease my breathing and changed the wet towel occasionally. It was really nice to have someone to take care of me because back in my parents house, nobody really noticed. There was one point where I vomitted my guts out, fainted in the kitchen and woke up hours later to drive myself to the doctor. Yeah, funny that nobody noticed.

Anyway, I got him an Acer Liquid E Ferrari Limited Edition Android based phone for his birthday. He seems happy. :D

The Guy's Bday Present

and in case you are wondering about the title.. it’s actually the first word I saw here

saw this on vira’s blog.
what’s your first word?


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