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a post inspired by ciciplung :)

1) Happily married.
2) Managed to pay for our own wedding.
3) Managed to make a wedding happened without wedding organizer (but please, please, please, get one for your wedding.)
4) Rented a nice little home that’s not too far from both of our offices even though it’s out of our initial budget and is now leaking heavily.
5) Plurk family for their neverending and constant support. It’s such an honor to have known them. Unipo, Mamak, Munya, Doets, Mbak Chic, Tyas, Isan, Omdon, Nini lil, Tante Kiro, Gotti, Ciciplung, Wowow, Teeth, Tata, Kampret, Santysoe, Pak RT, Bu RT, Pipu, Ojek, Mario, Motemo, Kikokikok, Kuesus, Mitsuko, Bubbu, Ebi, Hana, Jendre, Aiia, Dane, Joni, Mei, Titsy, Hani, Uy_uy, DewiTheo, Elanor, Rini, Ciklin, Didot, TW, Uthe, Itha, Nita, Ebho, Yoyo (sorry if I missed anyone)
6) Old friends from college that’s always reliable, Amel, Yuven and Alex.
7) New friends from twitter, Shasya, Bowo, Smiw.
8 ) Late night YM chats with Miund and Mawi.
9) Nice birthday present: the new iPod touch.
10) Cable TV and great internet connection at home.
11) Had visited Sydney and loving it.
12) Olipo’s happy and healthy.
13) Financially (quite) healthy, deposito checked, reksadana checked.
14) Family members are healthy.
15) Saved money on household stuff because we used the old ones from my office and Plurk Family gave us a friggin awesome washing machine.
16) How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, Glee and other sitcoms and series to look forward to every week.
17) Got my first virtual hater and managed to handle it well with supportive friends. (lmao)
18) Super awesome kerioplurkkkkkk.
19) Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.
20) Surprise gifts and postcard (voluntarily *cough*) sent by wonderful friends.

and so many other things.

I’m having a fab life. :)




  1. :)

    • and also amazing sennheiser headphones from Isan as my iPod companion. thank youuu. :D

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