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1) Exercise at least twice a week.
2) Junk food only on weekend.
3) Less snacking.
4) Lose 5 kg, ideal weight.
5) Sleep before 1230 a.m on weekdays.
6) Wake up before 7 on weekdays.
7) Read at least one book every month.
8 ) Less social media websites during office hour.
9) Control mood, less moody, happy being,
10) Recycle.
11) Keep a work log/journal.

Let’s see.



  1. hm.. nomor 3 & 9 susah tuh terukurnya.. be careful there.
    but overall, semoga tercapai semuaaa..!!
    gua juga mau bikin ah.. :D

    • aku pun sulit tidak cemal cemil :(((((((((((

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