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you know guys, I never wanted to quit. Who in the hell would quit their sanctuary? The only place where they can be brutally honest about things happening in their life. The only place where joy is spread and misery is shared.

I got too comfortable.

and when that place becomes twitter something I didn’t expect it to be. It crushed me. I felt like I lost my shelter. I felt like everything had changed.

I just can’t go there yet. It reminds me my failure of not being able to protect the one I love.

But I just want to let you know that I miss you, my dearest family, very very much. Take care. I’m just a buzz away after all. (wave)




  1. 你没事吧?:(

  2. cicipo :( *cozy*

  3. @Mamak and @Tyas: Thanks lovelies. I’m ok. I’m just not ready to pour out my heart there like I used to do. :”) I miss you guys so muchhhhhhh mumumumumu :D

  4. Huhuhu… Gara2 gw ya?? :'(

  5. bukan kokkkk :D orang yg terlibat ga akan ngerasa hihihi. #nomention

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