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My cousin’s bunny just gave birth! We don’t know how many lil bunnies yet because she hasn’t separated them from their mother. Can’t wait to see those little furballs. She has moved to my office for a few days now and she brings along her hamsters. And Olive has been staying near the cages all days. It’s so funny to see she wags her tail when the little hamster running on their wheels. We don’t wanna take them out because they bite a lot! LOL, we’re afraid that they might bite Olive’s tongue.

The advantage of having your office in a ruko is this. You can bring your pets! Too bad nobody here have a cat pet. In my mind I am imagining Olive, the bunnies and the non existent cat playing together like in Sentaro comic books! Maximum cuteness!

Bringing our pets to the office doesn’t mean we neglect our responsibilities. We do our work and instead of having ciggy break, we spend our break time playing with our pets, it’s major stress reliever. On certain days when the pets gotta stay at home, the office feels so different.

Sometimes, I feel a little bit jealous with people who work in fancy office buildings because they can dress up and can have coffee break or lunch in malls nearby. But honestly, with the pets around, this old ruko surrounded by warehouses feels like the best workplace in the world.

Nobody can take that away from us.


Check out the uber cute Donut Empire Indonesia banner in miund’s blog. It was designed by my sister. Thank you Miund for supporting Donut Empire, glad you enjoyed the donuts. :D

please call 65831234 for delivery and catering info.


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