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in random order:
1. Gong Xi Fa Cai everyone. This was our first year of handing out angpaos and to be honest, we didn’t think we would spend that much. Financial planning should start as soon as possible.

2. I just had a massive diarrhea. It was quite bad I think I’ve managed to set a household record of going to toilet for 50 times in 12 hours. It came with a bad case of vomitting too. I’m back at work though. I got bored at home plus I’ve got loads to do at the office. Luckily I asked the office driver to pick me up this morning, because even with him driving I got really tired after 20 minutes just sitting in the car.

I haven’t got to number three but I feel exhausted already, better use some leftover energy to finish the work here.




  1. semoga cepet sembuh, ste..
    minum air yg banyaakk.. tp jangan yg asem.. :D

    • thank wowow. ini sepertinya sudah sembuh karena napsu makan menggila :D

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