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a cold coming right at my way. *sneeze*

tonight is cap go meh. the guy and I decided that we’re not gonna do anything special. Anything special means praying with lotsa stuff. Lotsa stuff means sugar cane, fruits, candles, gold paper money and like what our neighbor did, a whole raw pig, all fat and pink. we’re just gonna burn incense sticks like we always do.

today the 16th is also our 5th year anniversary. 5 years, it sure didn’t feel that long. LOL. I still remember the night I asked him to be my boyfriend :)) the first and last time ever I’d do something like that. Girls these days gotta do everything by themselves I guess. Well, it was worth it :D

Nothing much happening these days, the guy just got his xbox, after a long contemplation, he chose it over PS3. I just got my annual bonus, and despite of wanting to buy so many things, I decided to ‘invest’ it a financial planning service. The whole process will start about next week or the beginning of march I guess. With my not so healthy financial condition, it’s now or never.

After chatting with my mum yesterday about our family financial condition. I realized that it’s really important to start early with investments and savings. It’s extremely important to have hard cold cash for immediate use. I wish I can help my parents now, too bad what they need is way beyond what I have at the moment.



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