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ate lunch 30 mins later than usual and it managed to get me ‘masuk angin’ in a hardcore way. even tolak angin didn’t help at all. managed to survive through work, got home, cooked dinner and collapsed. LOL

funny thing is, I was the one was supposed to take the guy to tukang urut, because a car bumped into him when he was riding his bike and he fell down. but instead, he was the one who took care of me because I suddenly got high fever, all from a simple masuk angin.

well, the guy is fine. He got cuts and bruised but he said they don’t hurt. Guys are tougher I guess, he even proceeded to work after he fell down, cause it happened on his way to work.

I wonder if adults also get feverish when their teeth are growing. Because this fever comes with no flu whatsoever, however my gums are swollen and it’s bleeding right at the part where my wisdom tooth is growing.

should visit dentist soon, hope I’ll have any free time soon.

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