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The reason I started to start a new blog was because I felt like my previous blog was too depressing. I started this blog, thinking that I would fill it with colorful details of my life and also put lots of pictures in every post.

Turns out that months later, this one looks as depressing as the old one, only less emo. LOL.

Is it the layout? Hmm..

By the way, last weekend I went to two weddings. One of them was a ‘perfect’ wedding, exactly how I was hoping mine would be. Well, I didn’t dream about my wedding when I was a kid. Even when I was a teenager, I always picture my future with only me in it. Children? Family? Nada. Not even a spouse. LOL. But as I planned my wedding, I have exactly how I wanted it to be.

It turns out nothing like I wanted it to be.

But probably not as bad as the other wedding I attended. Probably. It’s very hard to decide which worse, group of MLM people making the wedding about their fckn group or having drag queens running around and kissing people while singing songs in diskodut remix.

Tough one.



  1. really? Drag queens running around in diskodut remix? Hahahahha!

  2. serius smiw, tar gue kasih skrinsyut deh :))

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