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my body is experiencing something new. I got two of my wisdom teeth extracted, leaving another two of them and a maxed out credit card. Surprise surprise, the wound hasn’t stopped bleeding since yesterday and I got super swollen around my cheek, jaw and neck area. I wasn’t expect the healing process would be this painful, but guess what, the upcoming credit card bill will be more painful. For these past two days I’ve been drinking porridge and protein shake. I feel very wobbly inside. LOL.

the guy is away for business trip, I thought I’d like to be pampered post the extraction, but no luck. plus, I have to deal with his broken birthday gift :(( the smart phone that I gave him. somehow the lcd broke, even though he didn’t drop the phone. hmpph.. another hole in my pocket.

oh, since I can’t wash my hair because it’s so painful to turn my neck. I went to a hairdresser near my house to have it washed. 2 hours later, I came out with a permanent wavy hair. First time in xx years of my life without a straight hair. I’m not sure whether the looks suit me or not, but I can’t take any picture with this face. Maybe later.

the guy doesn’t approve wavy hair, but I figure that he won’t notice. boyfriend usually does, but husband doesn’t.

okay, time for pills and bed. gotta go to work tomorrow.




  1. i wanna see ste w/wavy hair!wanna see!! :D
    pic pleaseee

  2. check out the latest post :D

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