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April has been kind and marvelous. Plurkworld has been crazy with auctions and I love all the things I’ve won. I sense more auctions are coming up. Preparing for Mamak’s Adidas jacket and Tyas’ Macbook. Should not participate in the other auctions to refrain myself from temptation. :D

Yesterday was our couple’s day off. LOL. We got the whole day to spend with our own friends. The guy and his friend spent the day playing games (what else?), while I spent my day with plurkers, eating! It was almost impossible for me to wake up before 3 p.m. on Sundays, but I did! I was the very first one who reached kota before 8 a.m. Well, I admit I was in semi auto pilot mode whole day though :p After a whole day feasting, I got home by dinner time, and went out to have dinner with the guy and his friend. We went to this seaside place to eat and enjoy live music.

It was a perfect Sunday with a cherry on top. :) Thank you, dearests!

photo is taken by richoz and dedicated to Yuven who wanna see my new hair. What do you think? HAHAHAHA.



  1. it’s ok i think :) never seen u w/ curly hair b4, so maybe not get to used with it :p but it’s not too old-curly-kind, so not so bad :D
    that photo gave a big impression of rock’n’roll image..hehehe

    miss hang out w/ old friends :)

    • hahahahaha.. you’ll get used to it. I think it’ll go straight soon, never really bother with rolling, blowdrying whatsoever. Miss hanging out with you guys too :(

  2. ooh love the curly hair. and that 60s look & colour tone totally rock you ;)

    • thanks, D! :)

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