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check my friend, D’s blog. I really miss taking pictures and spend time editing them. But lately, when I get home I just wanna finish my chores asap and go to bed while watching re-runs on cable. Me time means getting more sleep. You miss a lot of things when you are sleeping you know.

Should make ‘waking up early on sundays’ as a new resolution. I used to have Saturday to wake up early and do my things but now I am working on Saturdays :(

The guitar, paper clay, photos to be edited and other stuff gotta wait. :(

*yeah, I think I used that title before, but I’m trying to memorize ‘here comes your man’. Some friends of mine gonna play in Q Smokehouse Restaurant, I might steal the microphone for 3 minutes :p Just hope the Guy doesn’t have to work overtime tonight so we can go have dinner there.

Hope your weekend starts on Friday night!

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  1. hey thanks for the plug ;)

    i’ve made a habit of taking my P&S camera everywhere i go, kept taking pictures and then made a HUGE batch of editing and posting. LOL. might post less in a couple of weeks when i start my new job though.

    have a lovely weekend xx

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