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The idea came from Uni Aldia and Teteh Dewitheo. They challenge themselves to put on different colors/shades of eyeshadow every day to work for 3o days. Then, they plurked about it and asked us to participate. Well, my eyeshadow collection is not that extensive and my make-up skill is disaster, but when I got home yesterday, the first thing I did was washing my face and put on eye make-up. LOL. Below are some pictures. Be gentle at me please. :)

Day One

This was for Day 1. I didn’t apply on anything except eye make up. It was taken after work because I went to work applying only black eyeliner. It was supposed to look natural, but I’m not sure whether I nail it or not. The horrible eye bags were from the night before because we had electricity black out and I only managed to get 3-4 hours of sleep.

Day Two

This was taken this morning before work. I had to wake up one hour earlier. This is the color combo I usually opt for. Different shades of gray aren’t actually colors but seriously they are my favorite.

Thinking of what color combination to apply tomorrow. Can I make it to the 30th day? We’ll see :p Oh, all pictures were taken using iPod Touch. Because I need to upload them to plurk and the Plurk for iPod is the easiest way to do it.

See you tomorrow then?



  1. u look pretty! :D

    honestly! can’t wait for your rest of 28 looks :))

  2. thank youuuu. wah ada yg nungguin 28 hari, pressure pressure hahahaha

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