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I should really start to sleep earlier. I would blame Fox Crime for my sleep deprivation because they are showing reruns of Macgyver, starting from 2 a.m. every night. The guy watches it every day in our bedroom, and starting the beginning of this week, I started watching it too. Funny thing is, although I am in auto pilot mode during work, once I got home this body just won’t rest :(

I’m leaving early from work today. Wouldn’t miss my first royal wedding. Hahaha. No, actually I was supposed to leave at 2 p.m. because I had a doctor appointment, but work had kept me from going, like usual. Hmm.. I can’t wait to see what her dress would look like. Remember her blue Issa’s dress she wore when they announced the engagement? I wonder whether I could have it made. I can’t get the dress out of my head.

Anyway, here’s my EOTD assignment for day 5. I was ready to fall asleep when I snapped those pictures.

Day Five

see you at the royal wedding,



  1. like this color, you look fresh :)
    but so far, i like your first day most.

    did you not lash mascara in purpose? or just forgotten?
    i think you look sharper with mascara lashed :p

  2. Thanks for checking this out, nek. Belakangan ini agak-agak sleep deprived jadi ga pake mascara soalnya kalo di kantor lagi ngantuk suka ga sadar kucek2 mata haha. Warna ini kalo ga lagi challenge mah ga bakal dipake haha. Mulai keabisan kombinasi warna :(

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