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First of all, as expected, I FRIGGIN LOVE KATE MIDDLETON’S DRESS.

I got a lot of “it’s too simple, unlike Lady Di’s” comment, but they come most from people who actually watched the first Royal Wedding so it’s impolite to argue with older people :p. Many might thing the dress is a bit plain for a Royal Wedding, but I don’t know, it’s nice to have a little simplicity in such an overwhelming situation like marrying a prince. Also, I wished she had wore some blings, even though I’m not a big fan of sparkling things but a lil bit blings would have accentuate and completed her look.

Anyway, I encountered some people with ‘What’s the fuss? We don’t have anything to do with the Royal Wedding’ attitude. Come on, it’s nice to share a joyful global event. If we can share our prayers and sympathy during wars and disasters, why not share joy? Being the ‘anti-mainstream’ by not watching the Royal Wedding and made fun of people who did doesn’t make you any cooler. I mean you wouldn’t say things like, “The earthquake happened in Japan, it doesn’t have anything to do with us. Why bother?” right? It’s been a while since the whole world shared a joyful celebration, let’s just enjoy it. :)

I had problem doing my EOTD assignment today, I was wearing a brown oversized dress and didn’t know which color would go with it. I couldn’t remember whether I have used brown or not, since we had to use different color everyday. So I went with dark magenta. I don’t think the color was showing though. Probably I should buy an eyeshadow base.

Day Six

Enjoy weekend!


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