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I found out that we can check our Jamsostek details online. So I went to check mine. I used to have my salary deducted few percent every month when I worked as a teacher for 20 months. Few percents didn’t feel much back in the older days, but when I checked the account I got enough money to buy a new blackberry. Ha! The downside is that I can only claim the money 5 years after my joining date. It’s gonna be next year! When I thought I hit a jackpot, a friend of mine said that she has more than 20 mio rupiah in her jamsostek account! W O W!

Anyway, since Paul got voted out from AI and Casey left last week. American Idol got boring for me. I can only enjoy Haley and James performance. and you know what, JAMES DURBIN IS NOT ADAM LAMBERT WANNABE! There, I typed it with capital! The teaser on Star World really pissed me off. Did you Haley sang ‘The House of the Rising Sun’ tonight? It brought me tears and chills! I hope America will soon realize that Lauren is friggin boring and vote her off. Jacob? Dude, why did you pick a duet song for a solo performance? It’s lame with cheesy topping! Scotty? Rednecks? I rest my case.

I’m ordering a new eyeshadow palette. I still got 19 days and am running out of color combo. :p

Day Eleven


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