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Yeah, I’m still doing my 30 days eyeshadow challenge, but I’m too lazy to update it haha. Uploading and editing had been impossible to do at work and once I got home I didn’t wanna spend any more second in front of the computer. However, I’m doing another 30 days challenge. It’s the 30 days photo challenge. I know in the beginning of this year a lot of people started doing 365 days challenge, but I don’t think I have that much of commitment left after committed myself to a man for the rest of my life.

Anyway, the challenge was initiated by Titsy. Check it out.

30 Days Photo Challenge

Here’s my photo for day one :)

another 30 days of challenge. let’s see.



  1. what’s “bokeh” on challenge day-12 means, nek?

  2. bokeh itu yang ada dept of fieldnya, jadi ada objek yg fokes dan ada yg blur. kalo foto orang dan pemandangan misalnya, orangnya fokes tapi belakangnya blur. :D *baru liat blog lagi* maaaap

  3. oooo…i see..i see…
    lg sibuk ya…udeh jarang updet blog lg…or nothing special lately to blog about…?
    anyway,tekker…next time ur hubby out of town,we should kumpul” di rumah u lg hehehehehe

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