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Haven’t been here for a while, the dashboard looks different. Anyway, I haven’t been exactly busy with anything except watching Korean Drama HAHAHA. My close friends know that due to my lack of commitment, I can’t watch Korean Drama because they are so long and dragging. But my friend promised me that this one gonna be different, so I watched it anyway. The title of the K-Drama was ‘Secret Garden’. it was funny, fresh and enjoyable. I managed to finished the 20 episodes. The other one was ‘Playful Kiss’, a korean version of ‘Itazura na Kiss’, it was only 15 episode with a few extra, but I only managed to watch until episode 14 where the conflicts are already resolved. LOL. Not committed enough. :p

Anyway, since I’ll be leaving for Taipei next Thursday. I’m trying to finish all my work before leaving, thus the lack of blogging at work. Am still considering to get an iPad 2 because it’s cheaper in Taiwan. Actually my mother offered to buy one for me but I told her no and now I’m in the agony of doing pros and cons whether I should just buy it for myself. Since I already have a 4th gen iTouch that practically does everything in a smaller scale, do you think I still NEED an iPad?

About the challenges and assignments. I’ still doing them. I just haven’t got the time to upload them here. :p

Happy long weekend to those who celebrate! No long weekend for me. Haha.



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