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Sometimes I wish I can detach my feelings from myself. Especially on times like this, when I need a full focus because we’re starting a new business venture that will cost us a lot (giving us more return hopefully). I’ve been spending an hour reading the MOU, but I just couldn’t concentrate. After checking what should be added and removed, I have to write them in Indonesian, English and Chinese. Yep, on Saturday morning. I can’t ask anyone to help, because my Dad had assigned this task to me.

I probably should have run to the nearest coffee shop to wake myself up before I started working, but I skipped a meal last night and my stomach is acting up, coffee probably isn’t the best option right now. I could try yoga, but it’ll be too late now because I need to finish all of this by noon.

Breathe in, breathe out.



  1. sending u a gazillion hugs darling :)

    • thank you so much, mawiiii :D

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