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Nope. not the real slim shady. It’s me and it did feel like I’ve been away for too long. I just got back from Bandung. We opened a new game center in PVJ, it’s called Gamer Xtreme. Along with the grand opening, we held various kind of game competition, from skill competition to the MURI record breaking 150 hours playing game non stop. The big screens with newest 3D technology we used last weekend, were just landed in Jakarta the night before, and they were borrowed for Kylie Minogue’s concert right after our launching.

I wasn’t involved in this business. It’s my dad’s project. One thing I realized after attending the launching yesterday, is that gaming is a big industry and the market potential is big. People don’t go to any random game center to play online games anymore. They want the latest technology. We broke MURI record as the first game center that uses 3D technology, in this case the monitor and tv equipped with 3D glasses. Even the keyboard, mouse and headphones were specially made for gaming purpose. I was quite amused by it to be honest. I’ve never realized that this is serious business.

On the lighter note. we brought Olive along with us. It was her first vacation. Since we couldn’t bring her to hotels, we had to rent a villa. She was very excited. Once we opened the door of the villa, she ran around the house to check every room. We also managed to take her to Pet Distro and she had her first swim. It was too adorable! We are planning to go back soon. Seeing Olive enjoying her time so much, maybe buying a property in Bandung isn’t such a bad idea. Plus, since we already started a business here, we need to visit occasionally, right? My mum couldn’t stop talking about it the whole weekend. An apartment would be reasonable but I’m not sure whether the management will allow pets in the building. A house will be too much, because we don’t plan to go there every weekend and it’s harder to maintain. But, I’ll let my parents worry about that.

Meanwhile, I’m gonna sort some pictures and try my luck in that Canon competition. TTFN. *cough*



  1. wanna see olive’s swimming pics :D :D :D

  2. @Yuven: I’ll tag you on facebook ya. :D

  3. buy a property in bandung, i could use a familiar face as a neighbor. i think there are still units available on my apartment’s tower. seriously we can go weekend-ing together!

    • mauuuu… tapi apartemen boleh bawa olipo ga ya? :(

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