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Newly weds fight about everything, but the one thing that causes more fight than anything else in our household is Mr. and Mrs. Roaches *shudder* I have various traumatic experiences when it comes to that pre-historic nuclear survivor creature. They are so traumatic, I can’t even write/read/hear the full name of that creature, especially in Chinese character. It feels like seeing the real thing. Pictures? same thing. I was one of those girls who covered all the pictures in the insect chapter during high school. Dead roach? It’s still a roach.

Getting our own place to live means that I can’t rely on the household assistant to save me. We’ve been living without household assistant for 9 months (because I can’t handle the drama) and I can say that I am doing fine. Except during the ‘Roach Crisis’ or RC. The Guy thinks I should be able to get over my fear but you know what? It’s not easy. These past months I’ve escalated to the level where I have the guts to grab a can of insect killer and use half a can to kill a baby roach, but along that I also learnt that roaches run after you when you chase them. I also learnt that even that a roach seems to be dead and had been lying upside down for three days, it isn’t necessarily dead. I learnt this the hard way :(

So what I usually do is call the Guy. But he always tells me to let them be. When I asks him to remove the dead ones, it usually takes hours if not days for him to remove it. If I nag, he’d told me to remove it myself. Usually out of desperation, I’d summon the office boy or driver from work to my place and ask them to remove it. Super lame, I know. But to avoid disputes with the Guy, I’d summon anyone anytime.

I’m actually considering whether I need to see the shrink or not. Sometimes this fear evolves into paranoia. I kinda developed a sense where I know that there are roaches in the room. The creatures would send negative vibes to me and those vibes will make me so uncomfortable, I can’t function. :( Or maybe I should get hypnotized treatment for trauma or something like that.

Too bad the Guy is a landed house person. For me, I’d live in the apartment on the highest level if it means the place is roaches-free.




  1. Same here! I hate hate hate roaches. I could scream if I see one running or just laying still in my house, let alone in my room *shudder* There was one time when I was doing my ‘dirty job’ in the toilet, and then it came. Langsung ilfeel abis bookk, horroooorrr… :(

    And just like you, I usually send my assistant to throw away the body after I kill it w/ half a can of insect killer. If there’s no assistant around, I’m gonna pick a broom and push the body away to the garbage can. I never ever wanna touch its body w/ my bare hand. Eeewww…

    *beuh bayanginnya aja gue merinding gini :(*

    • Iraaaa, when you find a cure please tell me :( One time (also my first time) removing dead roach, I put a tissue on it, then newspaper, then with my hands in those rubber gloves, I picked everything up and put in in the gigantic black trash plastic. It was the most intense 20 minutes of my life. Yeah, it took me 20 minutes :))


    • they survive nuclear explosion, mawi. we shall perish long before them :(

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