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Yesterday was one of those days. I spent practically the entire day in a meeting. With those Chinese people that didn’t seem to understand the concept of inside voice. Had to stand the shouting until about 6 p.m. and had to drive my parents and my cousin off because the driver was on a sick leave yesterday. Reached home about 9 p.m. and the Guy wasn’t home yet, so I thought, why not cook dinner? The Guy complained that he’s tired of take-out meals, but sometimes when I get home late from work, it’s the best I can do. So I set aside all the fatigue and cooked dinner. After I finished cooking and cleaning up the kitchen. He called saying that he already eaten. At that moment I instantly felt that the tiredness multiplied. Not long after that, the Guy got home and he had a worse day than mine, so I couldn’t throw any fit. I just had my eyes glued on the tv, watching Heston Blumenthal did his magic, and suddenly my Dad called, asking whether I had taken his passport by mistake because he had mine there. He had looked everywhere he said but he couldn’t find it and he had to leave for GZ the next morning. So I rummaged my bags, the closet, the suitcases,.. nada. Called back, ask him to check his laptop bag that he brought to Taipei and he found it instantly. So much for looking everywhere.

During those series of chaotic events, for a moment, I did wish that I’ve had an in-house house assistant. We’ve been living months without any of them because I believe that new people in the household equals drama. If you know me well enough, I don’t really like people and I have trouble getting along with people in general. I do wonder all the time why people still wanna be friends with me. I’m really not the next door neighbor girl that everybody seems to get along well with. The more I consider whether we should get a household assistant, the more I fed up with myself for not being able to be ‘social’, at one point I started saying nasty thing on plurk and decided that I couldn’t agree with anyone or anything.

I’m kinda tired of me.



  1. i’m never tired of you.. *jieeeeeee jieeeeeeeee jieee* *jawil2*

    • baby, i believe in you. *song of the week* ehm ehm

  2. HEH! MENTANG2 GUE GA ADA JADI BEBAS NYANYI NYANYI!! *self centered bitch*

    huakakakkakakakak :D

    i never get tired of you. and our BBM group. which… i’m sad to say… have TURNED AGAINST ME! *banting piring* *banting gelas*.


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