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My dad has been bringing me along in his new business venture because he deals with investor from China and he needs me to translate. At first I was quite annoyed because this is not in my job description, I don’t get paid and the hours is long and odd. Like now, I just got back from a meeting that started at 10 p.m. I mean, come on, who the hell have meetings on 10 p.m. Well, apparently these Chinese people do. We’ve done one that started at 00.00. This is because they don’t usually stay long here, and when they are here, they try to find as many business opportunities as they can. I’ve been doing this thing on and off for about a year, but these past three months have been the most intense. I’ve met a lot of Chinese investors and amazed that even though they are very young (about 35ish), they’ve already enjoyed the thing called financial freedom. They have set businesses that will provide them more than enough for the rest of their life and even for the rest of their children life. But their nature as Chinese (which I don’t really have) is that they are very diligent. For them, more money earned means more money to invest thus more money earned. You might wonder why because I also did, but I guess it’s just their nature. And I repeat again, these people are only in their 35ish. Seeing them kinda make me feel useless haha. Like a few days ago, I met this woman in her early 30s and she is already a head of immigration in one of China province. She has the authority to stop people for going out of the country! She basically had her life ‘figured out’ working as a government officer, but here she is, in Jakarta on her break, looking for some more new business ventures. Spending more times with them did get me pumped out. I have a lot more to learn and I feel like I need to have a clear vision of what I want to achieve. For a person who can’t answer “where do you see yourself in 5 years?”, it’s a big deal for me. But after having a meeting with an international business officer who’s only in his early 30s and already have so much experience, had made decided that I should at least have half of what he’s having when I’m in my early 30s. So I’m setting my goals. My parents will be estatic if they see me do this I couldn’t give them an answer when they asked me what is the purpose of my life. I still can’t, but I’m setting goals to be achieved and hopefully along the way, I’ll find the purpose of my existence. Meanwhile, here are my humble goals.

in 6 months
– No social media activities at work unless it’s work related. (promotional etc)
– Go to the gym twice a week.
– Drink water at least 1,5 Liters a day (I hate plain water, it’s very hard to do)

in 1 year
– Make a down payment for a house in north or west Jakarta

in 2 years
– Increase current revenue to 300%

in 3 years
– Go to Brazil for world cup with the Guy
– Start my own business

in 5 years
– buy a mini cooper

in 7 years
– publish a book (HAHAHAHAHA, 7 years to polish this writing skill then)

Sounds shallow, but at least there’s something to aim at.




  1. i feel you ste!
    i can’t even answer if someone ask me what do you want to become in 2 years time?

    i gotta catch up, fast :)
    thanks for the motivation

    • Haha, thanks. I feel pumped up too because of them. I hope it’ll last. :D

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