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What is the best way to start Monday morning other than wearing a new pair of shoes? It was the first day of school for a lot of children so I got a little festive too. I decided to wear the wedges I got from iwearup a few months ago. I purchased them to be worn on my friend’s wedding, but I was late in ordering and didn’t manage to get the shoes. So I haven’t found any chance to wear them. They are real head-turner. When it arrived in the office, all the girls here were crazy about them and they asked me where to purchase them.

It failed me horribly on my first day wearing them. :( During my one hour driving and one hour in the mall having lunch, it already failed me. I was too bummed to go to stop ‘n go, so I just wore it with the strap dangling and proceeded to the office. Here are the pictures.

the dangling strap

skin falling off

I really like their shoes but after this incident, I think it will take me some time before buying them again. :(


  1. Hi dear…thank you for purchasing UP….:) We came across
    your blog and was very surprised to see what happened as this
    rarely happens…can you kindly let us know your ORDER ID back
    then? Or perhaps your email address? :) We will certainly take
    responsibility about this and repair / replace your shoes with a
    new pair..:) Thank you so much! :)

    • Hi, it’s a delight seeing you guys attending this matter so quickly. My order code was IWEARUP02053 and you should be able to find my email in my purchase order. Thanks! :)

  2. purple nails! cute! (woot)

  3. We will send you a new (and better) pair soon…thank you so much once again for the feedback. Your concern is really is an area of improvement for us…:)

    • Thanks so much. Please email me your address if you need me to send you back my old pairs. Thank you. :)

  4. I have the same exact shoes! They’re so pretty :) but
    turned out the size is not big enough for my feet (although i did
    measure using their guide) so i gave it to my sister. Btw they
    respond to your post very quick, impressive :)

    • Yes, it’s really impressive. :D too bad you cant wear yours :(

  5. wow! keren amat ini seller-nya *kagum*

    • They are! The shoes are cute too! You should check them out. :D

  6. same thing happened to me and yes, it broke on the same spot. but i took mine to stop n go and vowed to order a number larger since.

    i’m eying their newest delivery, though. forgot the name but you know, the one with denim top and a little pocket to store a penny? i love how it looks :D

    • hmm, if I go for the bigger size, they will be to big for my other feet (secara kaki gue kanan kirinya beda signifikan) hahahaha.
      i love that one tooooo. they are so cute. hmmm hmmm bagaimana ini bagamana ini? :))))

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