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The Guy doesn’t believe in PMS. He thinks that there’s no way hormones can impair one’s judgement. So he won’t take any PMS crap in the house. But lately, my PMS symptoms are worse than they usually are. The worst one is my mood swing. I’ve been avoiding people because I just can’t stand their vibes, especially ones with the negative vibes. Anyway, the hormones are doing their thing again this morning. Since I woke up this morning, my nesting instinct has been overwhelming. I even come to work in clothes that makes me look pregnant. I don’t know why I did that, but here I am, looking bloated. On the way to work, I started picturing the nursery! There’s a situation in our current house that makes it impossible to have a baby room. But since I’m gonna bring my (now obviously non-existent) baby to work every day, I was figuring which part of the office that I’m gonna renovate for a nursery. My current office is quite spacious, it’s about 7×4,5M but the thing is the cabinets are built in. I can squeeze in a nursery but it’s gonna take a lot of work because doing the minimum work would affect the whole harmony of feng shui. It’s redoing my working space + baby room, or nothing at all. So, rather than thinking about all the technical stuff of the rooms, I proceed to the decor. I’m going for the combination of either white and blue or tiffany blue and dark brown, something around that. I’m still not sure how to work it out but the baby is not even made yet, so well.

Here are some pictures that almost resembles what I have mind.

imag from

image from

image from

image from

image from

I think the last picture is the most suitable look for office nursery. It’s simple and not over the top. It doesn’t take a lot of space and the color is pretty neutral too. But I’ll keep my option open.

Now, how about a cup of swiss miss with marshmallow?


  1. wait.. what? ure trying or u already succeeded in trying?

    • We are still having fun trying. No mental image, please :))))))


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