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It does feel lonely when everyone is asking, “why are you here alone?” in the hospital. I don’t really mind going to places all by myself. I didn’t realize the one I went to was a RSIA (maternity hospital), no wonder there were so many couples. I have to go there again tomorrow for further examination. I just hope no one will ask me again why I am there on my own. Because hoping for someone to go with me is just too much. You just have to limit your expectation so you would get hurt less.

I’m fine on my own, I wish people would just stop asking.



  1. it’s eitheir these ppl are nosy or they do care :)
    don’t put too much care of their Qs
    i wish my sis-in-law could have your 1/10 independence mind and attitude >.<

    • Haha, I want details of the latest family member! Nothing has changed yet since the wedprep from hell? :))

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