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Somebody was very surprised when I told him that I cook dinner at home. He was really surprised, he asked again and again. He was even more surprised when I told him that I don’t have a maid at home. Here are some (obviously and trivial) things about me that might surprise you.

1. I make breakfast/lunch/dinner at least three times a week. Nothing too fancy because the Guy is a very picky eater. He only eats Chinese and Indonesian food. The typical meals in our house are rice, stir-fry veggies/meat and soup. Soup is essential for us in every meal, we are just hardcore Chinese when it comes to this matter.

2. I can iron my own clothes. In fact, this is one of my favorite house chores. The other one is making the bed.

3. If you open my closet the first thing you’re gonna see is a stack of black t-shirts, and another stack, and another. Black and white t-shirts dominate my wardrobe. I just started wearing other colors and outfits about a year ago. Oh, I’m also a jacket/cardigan girl. Most of them are black also.

4. I don’t carry branded bags. I promisde myself that I will not carry expensive bags until I get rid of my bad habit of putting my bags on the floor. It’s a very bad habit I’ve been trying to get rid of for years because I do it every where, even in public places, like in the toilet (when it’s not wet). Gross, right? I am lucky enough because I haven’t lost anything due to this bad habit.

5. I have the worst sleeping habit ever. I grind my teeth. I move to other places. I play with your ears. I hug and kiss your arm, your thigh, and elsewhere. I do all that in my sleep. People have been complaining. But actually I don’t believe them. No pic, hoax gan. And why would you complain if I kiss you in my sleep. :))

6. My hair is curly because one day I went to my hair dresser and asked her to give me a hairdo that doesn’t require combing. I hate combing/brushing my hair. I haven’t combed my hair for 3 months and I am the happiest girl in the world. During bad hair days, I just braid them. Easy peasy.

7. I’m borderline obsessive. When I like a song, that song will be the only song I hear for days, weeks or even months. My current song is “First of the Gang to Die” by Morrissey. Oh, I’ve been eating only pecel ayam for lunch for almost a month, if I’m stuck in the office for lunch. Sometimes I complain that I’m bored with it (5 consecutive working days that is) but I’m still gonna end up ordering the same dish.

8. I’m a very heavy sleeper. You can do construction work in my room, I’d still be sleeping like a log. I’ve slept through earthquake. The kind of earthquake that moves your bed. I only woke up when my books fell flat into my face. That bad.

9. Plain water isn’t my favorite drink. A bit ironic because one of the businesses I’m running is drinking water. :p Don’t ask me how many times I’ve been through urinary tract infection because of this. I can go the whole day without drinking anything. If you’re stuck in the desert, I’m the best companion because you wouldn’t have to share your water with me. But I’m slowly changing this habit. I drink at least 600ml a day now. Not sufficient, I know. But I’m working on this.

10. The place where I feel the safest is the dentist chair. When I’m really stressed out, instead of going for massage or spa, I’d go to the dentist and get scaling treatment.

11. I used to be a pill/tablet/capsule/etc addict. You know those transparent drugs boxes. The one with Mon – Sunday marking. I used to buy all sorts of colorful supplements, arranged them neatly and took them religiously. I’ve stopped doing that when I started my teaching job. Teaching preschool ruined my entire routine.

12. I used to buy all the latest weight-loss supplements and skin whitening products. You see, I don’t really look like a Chinese, which doesn’t really matter for me. But I grew up in a community where it was almost a sin to not look like a Chinese. I’ve been teased for my wide eyes and dark skin, and being fat didn’t help. The worst one was one night during high school, I went out with my friend, he was the part of the popular crowd (and obviously I wasn’t), but we’ve been friends forever so we used to hang out a lot. Anyway, his friend called and he put the phone on speaker mode since he was driving, and when his friend asked where was he, he told him that he’s with me and you know what his friend said? He said, “Hah, Stella yang item itu. Lo ngapain main sama dia.” Well, since then I kept on buying whitening products. Now, I’m not as crazy as I was, I guess. #awkward

13. My biggest pet peeve is… you know how people like to open the window of their cars and place their arm on the door. Like angkot drivers do. (I don’t think I make myself very clear here), I tried to google the pictures but I can’t find it. Anyway, seeing that usually ruins my day. It annoys me to the level I can’t describe. I get so angry every time I see that. I really don’t know why. :))

Hmm, I guess I’m pretty normal.



  1. OMG, ironing and making the bed are my worst nightmare! Yasutralah ya neyk since I even cannot fold my own clothes.. Me also a jacket/cardigan girl, hate combing my hair to the tiniest cell of mine, keep putting my bag on the floor even in public toilet hence couldnt resist temptation to buy branded bags (shoot). btw I think I know what your mean by supir angkot arm style..

    kayak gini bukan?

  2. iyaaa itu supir angkot style. kalo dr belakang keliatan lengannya gitu, gue sebel banget. pengen gue tabrak gitu rasanya *violent* :))) what keyword did you use to find it? hahaha

  3. suka ke dokter gigi..astaga ste, gw plg takut ke dokter apapun.even buat scaling aja ngeri *aneh ya*
    pdhl pgn pk braces,bikin muka tirus ktnya *loh?salah tujuan hihi*

    • pake braces sih harusnya susah makan, jadinya bisa tirus haha.

  4. ste, i grind my teeth as well.. sampe pernah digampar dalam tidur.. ternyata gue hanya diam semenit.. lalu mulai lagi :)))

    • perlukah gue bahas grinding bersama lagi di sini? :))

  5. mawiiii, gw nyaris nyembur garagara baca lo digampar dalam tidur.. HAIHAIAHIAHIAHI.. kapan kita slumber party? gw juga mau dong gampar.. HAHAHAHAHAHAAH..

    ste, aku mau buat kaya gini.. boleh gaaaa.. *pencontek* :P

    • boleh dong. anjir slumber party sama elo gawat, soalnya gue jg grinding hahahahaa

  6. what is going on here, tiba2 ada slumber party and you are planning it WITHOUT ME???? *tetep self-centered* HAHAHAHA!

    eh gw dulu grind my teeth loh, tapi ilang seiring waktu. diganti dengan… ngorok :((

    but yes, i would like to gampar marmar sih. gampar sayang ya *cium*

    • MAWI put on that scream face mask when we have slumber party hahahahahaaa

  7. HEH!!!! apa2an sik mau pd gampar2 gue..??? yuk slumber party, yodee diajak yah.. dia janji mau benerin alis gue sama main2an make up :D

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