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The Guy had finally made his first kopilen dinner. I’m happy that he’s finally starting meeting my friends. Well, he had met Suhu and Lita when we went to Singapore, but meeting a bunch of my online friends (a bunch here means more than 20) wasn’t something he thought he would never do. But he did. It was like an unplanned plurk family day. Some of us brought the whole family. What a great night.

Anyway, when I arrived and the Guy was still making phone calls outside. Somebody asked me, “Which side are you again?” For those who doesn’t know, when I’m with the guys I am the left side, and when with the girls, I am the right side. Standing/walking/sitting in the wrong side makes me really uncomfortable. I feel like something is blocking the air passage and I start to feel uneasy. I don’t know how long I’ve been like this. It gets less uncomfortable when sitting though and when I’m in the middle. Maybe because I drive most of the time, so I’m on the right side no matter who is sitting on my left.

I’m working on this habit right now because I’ve been meeting a lot of new people and most of them are business partners, so it’d be impolite if I choose my side because most of the time, I am the youngest one in the room. I managed to sit through the whole meeting having a man sat on my left. Let’s see if I can handle walking/standing.

Weird, but all this madness doesn’t apply to the Guy, he can be anywhere, left, right, top, or bottom (cough), I’m okay with that. :D



  1. i adore ur weirdness, sweets! :*

    • awww, that’s so sweet :’)

  2. ste kalo kita hangout, i want to be on the right side.

    • waktu dan tempat dipersilahkan *salah*

  3. This is so Ste :D
    I never really thought of this before :p

    • huahuahauha.. tapi ini mengganggu beberapa teman2ku. katanya rese :p

  4. hmm…
    after you brougt this up, i start to rethink, i think most of the time i always pick the right side as well, it just feel weird if i stand on the left side, like something doesn’t fit properly :p
    so i feel you, ste ;)

    • is this a virgo thing? LOL

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