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One thing that I really like about our wedding was our invitation. We had two invitations. One was the printed one, designed by my sister, and the other one was a video invitation especially made by my friend, Nikko for us. I chose the song and the concept, and sent a bunch of our pre wedding pictures to him, and in two weeks he presented me, this.

I was thrilled. I showed it to my friends and they were thrilled too. We planned to burn it into CDs and designed a cool envelope to send it to our closest friends, but we didn’t manage to do it, because of the wedding preparation chaos. So, Nikko suggested us to put the video online, He also gave us the video in smaller format, so we could send the video via our smart phones. In order to save the forests (ehm), we went along with that idea. We sent out printed invitations to the older guests such as our parents’ friends, and sent out the video invitation to our tech savvy friends.

In my opinion, VIO or Video Invitation Online (as Niko calls it) made our life a lot easier. This is why:
1. Time saving
The thing with printed invitation is that you have to spend a lot of time going to the printing company for revision. (I went there bout 10 times). With VIO, everything was done online. Discussion of concept was done on YM. Pictures and songs were sent by email. I only met with Nikko twice, the first time was when he introduced this to me and the other time when he presented me the final video.

2. Cost saving
The common problem with printed invitation is that they are limited. You printed them in a certain amount plus spare. But sometimes they are still not enough! And when you want to reprint it (usually in such a short notice), it costs at least 2-3 times the initial price. With VIO, you can send it to as many guests as you want, you’ll never run out of it.

3. Stress free
With 650 of printed invitations to send out to my parents’ friends and families. Can you imagine the stress? The time and cost? I needed a month to get all the addresses. Imagine if I had to send printed invitations to my friends too. Since I didn’t use wedding organizer service, most likely you would have seen me in a sleeping bag in one of the courier service office. VIO saved the day again. Yay!

4. Environmental friendly.
VIO is paperless, means less trees cut, more forests saved. It’s a small contribution is saving the environment but at last it’s a start.

Well, this is an honest review from a happy customer. I don’t get paid for doing this review. For more information about VIO you can see the pictures below, or you can visit them at Weddingku Jakarta Wedding Festival 22- 24 July 2011 at Jakarta Convention Center.




  1. aaawww… i SOOOOO remember this invitation :D *pelukpeluk*

    • kamu kan yg pertama kali aku kasih liatttt. angggg :-*

  2. Wew the bride so pwetty… lucu bgt sih undangannya

    • hihi, thanks ya. *gulingguling*

  3. Cakeeeppp, Ste!

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