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My parents are big on this fortune telling thing. Since I’m dealing with something quite major (which I’m not ready to share now), they took me to see this person. The first time I saw this kid (because he’s only about 17 or 18 y.o), I have this feeling that we have met before. We must have met in our previous lives and we still have unsettled karma, so we meet again in this life. Anyway, from what he saw (and he also asked me to draw some tarot cards to convince me), I’m at the point where I have to face my biggest obstacles. The point where I have to deal with my past karma I owed. He told me to do some rituals before my birthday and he also warned me not to travel until the end of the year. (Bye-bye China, Vietnam, Japan and OZ trip.)

Some people might think that it’s silly, but for me, the only thing that real is Karma. Karma explains almost everything for me. Like why this person is so evil but is still lucky and very wealthy. It means that he still have good karma left from his previous life. Also, why bad things happen to good people. It means that they still have unsettled bad karma and they have to pay for it in this lifetime. Good karma runs out as we use it, bad karma adds up if we keep doing bad things. That’s why we reincarnate. When it’s all even, we will go to nirvana. That was a very simple understanding of karma. For me, it is such a beautiful concept that totally makes sense.

Anyway, he told me, if I diligently do this ritual until my birthday, everything will be ok. I sure hope so.

Every time I face something big, I’d remember what I heard from a banthe (a Buddhist master/teacher) months ago. He said, “Apart from those karmic relationships, shit happens in life. It’s up to you, whether you want to get over it. clean yourself up and be a better person, or to stink all the way.”


  1. Sometimes I wonder when I see a seemed-so-clean and religious person can go through such a painful life or how a bitch can have a bliss-always-happy life…guess your post answers this.

    I feel been being a bitch, hope I was good enough in my past life to compensate *curious curious*

    • :D I’m glad my post had answered your question. People have argued about this, but when it comes to religion and beliefs, it’s all up to ourselves :D

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