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Went over my parents’ house because yesterday was the birthday of Kuan Yin Goddess, so we had to pray. I felt weird when we arrived because Olipo wasn’t waiting for us in the front door like usual. So I went up to my parents’ room, hoping to hear the scratching noise on the door. She always does that. But, I heard nothing. It was so weird. I entered the room, found Olipo in her bed. I kept on calling her to come to me. but she just stayed there. Finally she walked towards me and I saw that she was limping. I went hysterical. I asked the household assistant that took her for a walk earlier whether she had fallen, and the assistant said no. I asked my mum, she said that Olipo was fine in the office. It was clear that she was in pain because she was afraid to walk.

It was quite late. about 10:30ish. Our vet was already closed. So we decided to take her to the 24 hour vet in Sunter. Quite a trip. but if I had to go to Bandung to see a vet last night, I’d be happy to take the miles. Anyway, when we arrived, there was quite a queue. We had to wait about an hour until we could see the doctor.

After checking her legs, the doctor said that Olipo has weak tendons in both of her back legs. Some of the tendons were torn. Probably caused by heavy activities. Olipo was given some anti inflammatory medicines but since it’s genetic medicine can’t cure her. If this is a recurring condition, she might need a surgery. :(

I wish I can take away her pain. Meanwhile, she’s not allowed to jump around and go up and down the stairs. The doctor said that swimming is good to keep her in shape without putting too much weight on her legs. We’re gonna buy one of those plastic pools for her. Get well soon, Olipo. I love you.

best friends

I will jot down the orthopedic surgeon name here in case I lost the name card
Drh. Koesharyono
Jl. Wijaya Kusuma I No: 26. Komp. Dep. Kes. Cilandak. Jaksel.
Tel Klinik: 40632339
Handphone: 0811802196/ 08129910424



  1. Awwww, she (or he?) looks so weak :(
    Hope you’ll get better soon, Olipo honey.

    • Olipo is a she. Her name is Olive. Thanks Ibeth, she started to walk this morning although still limping a bit. But no problem with her eating, that’s a relief. :)

  2. semoga cepat sembuh olipo… *cup cup*
    sama aja kayak tante wowow, waktu itu dibilangin tendonnya kenapa gitu pas bengkak gara2 muaythai..hehehe…

    • Makasih Tante. Tante jgn muay thai dulu ya. Berenang aja yuk. :)

  3. poor olipo, hope she gets well soon *hugs*
    anyway, there’s also 24 hrs vet near atmajaya
    but not sure whether the doctors there are good or not (but the receptionist is friendly, if that counts)
    Sunter’s one is one of the best, and they always have lots of patients.
    my dog went there twice, last time was last month and the prescription they gave my dog is really cured my dog fast, so i’m happy :)

    • the one near atmajaya is vitapet. the first time Olipo had this symptom we took it there, but she didnt get better. not at all. even in normal condition she still limps. Also, Olipo had a wart that was really concerning, the doctor there told us that it was a TUMOR and surgery must be performed to remove it. When we took Olipo to Dr. Rini Tanjung Duren for her vaccination, she just peeled it like it was nothing. (Tumor my ass). Anyway we asked a couple of vets regarding the wart and most of them said that it is genetic in some dogs, it is harmless and can be removed easily. There are two vet I won’t take Olipo to unless it’s really an emergency, one is Vitapet, the other one is the new one in front of Pluit Village, it called Zen Animal Clinic. They told us that Olipo needed a blood test (that caused almost 500k) before she was sterilized. They drew her blood in another room because they said when the owner was present, the pet won’t behave. I was shocked that Olipo seemed so afraid when she got out of the room. Even when we went home she was really jumpy and didn’t wanna eat. Because she didn’t want to eat, she kept on throwing up. She only stayed under the bed. We went back to ask them, and the vet confessed that he was quite rough when handling Olipo and they needed 4 people to hold Olipo. As an owner we would understand if you told us on the spot, but acted like nothing happened and then confessed when we complained was highly unacceptable.

      For big cases, I think I’d go to Sunter. For minor ones, I’d go to the vet in Muara Karang. Although the place isn’t really shiny and clean, but the docs seemed to be more experienced than the ones in Vitapet, Pluit. At least they can always give some comforting answers. :D

      *wew, what a long reply* :))

  4. olipo get well soon ya mwah mwah

    • thank you mawi :-* olipo mau maen sama si coffee table dong :D

      • si coffee table lagi super resek.. needy bgt, kalo gue udahan abis main dia ngejer gue terus naik2.. kalo malem dilepas dirumah ya, slipper gue dicium2 terus tiba2 digigit2 dong kaki gue.. *histeris*

  5. Steee aku sedih.. Semoga Olip cepat sembuh.. Mungkin akan lebih baik dikasi eskim kesukaannya??

    • akupun cedih cekali. olipo udah ga boleh gendut lagi nanti kaki belakangnya lemah :( haagen dasz vanilla apakah ada yg non fat :((

  6. Ste… Kok sedih :((( Get well soon Olipo! Nanti kl udah kuat kakinya di kasih haagen dasz yaa :*

    • Makasih, Nita. Sekarang dia temenin cicinya diet dulu >:D <

  7. ok no wonder u’ve been MIA from our bbm group. get well soon little Olipooooo! kisskiss! tante Miund masa belom pernah gendong sih! *sebel sendiri*

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