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the Guy and I are those people who never got jackpot in their lives. there was one event when everybody was supposed to get something because the prizes were more than the people attending. Everyone on my table got something. I didn’t. When I was still working in Taipei, if there’s any event involving jackpots. Everyone on my floor got something, I didn’t. Every time we go somewhere with door prize event, I told the Guy to have this positive thought to attracts positive vibes, but I guess jackpot or door prize is never our thing.

So, last Saturday, my mum and I went to warna impian‘s event, “Colorful Life with Feng Shui”. Everyone in the family are into this feng shui thing. I only know the basic thing such as you’re not supposed to have a mirror in front of your bed. Sometimes I wonder why my dad spends so much for a feng shui consultation. But the event last weekend made me realize that it is quite complex. Since every thing must be considered. You have to see your Kua number. You have to see your elements based on the Kua number and so on. You can see your Kua number in the picture below. If you were born before Chinese New Year (usually falls on February), you refer to the previous year for your Kua number.

Tabel Angka Kua

Okay, so according to the table above my Kua number is 9 and element is Fire.
Here’s another interesting table

Since my element is fire, the suitable color for me is green. I don’t know if it’s the good vibes from the green shirt I was wearing, (I was planning to wear my usual black/white/grey combo, but since the invitation said the dress code was colorful, so I had to find something else to wear) or if my mother was with me (her element is ‘Wood’ and ‘Wood’ supports ‘Fire’), I won the door prize. My first time, ever. It wasn’t blackberries or iPad, it wasn’t even a smartphone, but the fact that I actually won a door prize is amazing enough. Haha. Does it mean I should start buying more outfits in the shades of green?

Anyway, Thanks to Jotun and warna impian for such an interesting and informative event. I’d love to attend your next one. :D If you missed the event, you can check out their website for other contests or follow their twitter and like their facebook page for interesting updates and info.

Best of luck!


  1. We’re sharing the same Kua number and element :D

    • we are just that awesome mumumumu

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