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I’ve been craving for Donut Empire‘s Oreo Typhoon since Thursday night. Should I order it or not. Dum dum dum. After all it’s a healthy snack. It’s eggless (suitable for someone with high cholesterol like me). It’s fried with non trans fat oil (suitable for someone who’s fat like me). It comes with mini square sizes (suitable for someone who’s minimizing snacking like me)

are you craving for something sweet and less sinful like I am? Call 6583-1234 for delivery. Free delivery for order of 2 dozens. And guess what, if you purchase a dozen of Donut Empire mini square donuts, you can buy the second dozen for only IDR 9,900!

Look at them, aren’t they cute?

Donut Empire
Jl. Danau Sunter Utara Blok R No. 41, Jakarta Utara, Dki Jakarta, Indonesia 14350
(021) 6583-1234


  1. Salah deh baca postingan ini di saat jam sgini belum makan siang. Mau ga ya mereka kirim ke BSD? *jauh aja* enak banget kliatannya&gw penggila donat.

    • Nanti pas anak-anak ultah coba aja ditelpon. Ada catering service juga kok. :D Atau kirim ke kantor suami aja? *alis naik turun*

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