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I tell people that I don’t like shopping. I only go shopping when I need a particular thing. I don’t spend my weekend at malls. I wasn’t drowned in the craze of Jakarta Great Sale. I thought shopping just was not my thing.

So yesterday when I was in STC office, I needed to go to the toilet. But since it was ‘that urge’ I needed to find a comfortable toilet, unlike STC’s. So I grabbed my bag and went to Plasa Senayan. The only toilet I’m familiar of is the one in the cinema plus it was working hours so it wasn’t that crowded but that was just the beginning of the story..

I passed Zara. Ka-ching.

Okay, small damage. I moved on to the toilet. After a good ten minutes. I went out and saw Maquis, I wanted to get it for Olive but she didn’t come to the office with me and the rare cheese pie melts if not refrigerated, and suddenly I saw Crystal Jade’s Bakery, Olive’s favorite bakery.

Crystal Jade’s Bakery. Ka-ching.

It was quite hot yesterday and I wanted something frozen, so I proceeded to Starbucks at Sogo.

Saw Shu Uemura and asked about the BB mousse but the SA said that they didn’t have it. Saw fake eyelashes glue. SA convinced me to get two because they are running out and they don’t know when will they restock. I know he was bluffing, but I still got two of them and proceeded to the cashier.

Saw my reflection on the mirror on the Max Factor counter. Eyeliner was smudged. A kohl eyeliner wouldn’t cost that much I thought. It didn’t. However, if you add it up with liquid eyeliner and foundation. You would end up with something you didn’t really need.

Shu Uemura and Max Factor. Ka-ching.

Finally Starbucks. Ka – ching.

Passed Aldo and saw a very lovely nude pump shoes. Hands were already full. Ran back to the office.

and all this was because I wanted to poop.

PS: I was telling myself, well at least I didn’t do any online shopping yesterday. And I suddenly remember that while I was waiting for the driver to pick me up. I managed to order a pair of shoes. Dang!



  1. whoa.. a confession of a shopaholic!

    • but, I’m not a shopaholic :(

  2. hahahaha :D
    midday theraphy =)
    rebecca bloomwood would say that it’s a good investment hehe

    • not after what I spent this morning in the mall :( I was just waiting for the rush hour to end :(

  3. I managed to order a pair of shoes. >> is that the shoes that i showed u last night? :D the 30GBP yang lo kira 300ribu sajah..

    • bukan sik :)) gue kira pan AUD. kok taunya in euro :)))) udah mau kalap padahal sist.

  4. Just like reading becky bloomwood diary, hihi seruuuu :) emang klo ga diniatin suka dapet barang bagus, tapi klo niaaat mau beli apa karena perlu malah ngga ketemu. *aku baik kan?*

    • Meta baik cekali. Aku tadi blackout lagi di mall tolong dihibur dong #ngelunjak :)))))

  5. kaboom! *suara 550 ribu buat shu bb mousse*

    • KABOOM abis segitu buat BB mousse :)) pan belom sampe jakarta. gue yakin harganya pasti lebih dr 550rb T__T

  6. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… maaf ste, tapi bagian ini gong banget:

    and all this was because I wanted to poop.

    • hari ini gue ngantor di STC lagi dan belum pupi di rumah. gawat T______________________T

  7. OMG, Steeeeeeee =))

  8. This sounds like…

    …me -____-

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