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my self esteem is very low :(
someone told me that I was ugly on Sunday night, and since then until today, I’ve purchased 3 bottles of foundation. I haven’t tried them so I don’t know whether they would make me look better or not. I still have this weird urge inside to buy more and more. Anyway here they are. Sorry, but I’m too bummed to write the resources, I found them on google image.

max factor

Etude House Dream On

Shu Uemura Face Architect

It’s funny, this time around last year, make up for me was compact powder and eyeliner. Now. I have 6 bottles of foundation and I still feel unpretty.

When we left high school, some things stay with with us.



  1. ste.. :(
    don’t all the comments from us plurkers (that you’re pretty) mean anything at all..?
    and you know we’re not lying :(

    • huhuhu…. :((( bukan begitu. tapi lebih rumit dari sekedar cantik ga cantik. T_______________T

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… maaf ste, tapi bagian ini gong banget:

    and all this was because I wanted to poop.


  3. maap salah komen.. :P

    it supposed to be for the previous post.

    anw, you ARE pretty!

  4. Steeee never say that you aint pretty darling, every woman is beautiful, with or without make up :) Especially you d’oh

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