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I wasn’t in any secret mission. I just forgot my password and was too lazy to deal with captcha. :D

Anyway, my long awaited purchase is here. It’s a pair of iwearup‘s wedges. I’m not crazy about wedges but since I’m on the heavier side of the scale, wedges are the perfect choice if I wanna look taller.

I purchased a pair of black polly because they are just so cute and look just perfect for casual Saturday at the office. (Yes, I work on Saturday too :()

Black Polly

See! Aren’t they cute? And they were comfortable too. I borrowed the picture from the site because I left my camera charger in my parents’ house so my camera has been dead for days.

I’m really impressed with iwearup’s service. As you know, I had a minor incident with my first pair, and upon reading my blog post, they contacted me right away and they even sent me a brand new replacement. That is how you spell service. I believe with this attitude (and of course the major cuteness of their shoes), this brand will have a place among every shoes lover’s heart.

I’m currently eyeing at this lovely pair. It bears my name! How could I not have a pair of shoes that bear my name? It would be like a sin, no?

Stella Dark Blue

and, lotsa thanks to iwearup. :D



  1. uuh, love that stella dark blue too.. cuteeee!!

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