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You know that kind of feeling, where you see a picture of a certain place in magazines or movies and your mind suddenly tells you, “This is where I belong.” It’s the kind of feeling I have, every time I see a bunch of orphans in Africa.

Weird? I know. I’m pretty much a spoiled brat. I usually get things I want, the way I want it. I can’t live without hot shower, orthopedic mattress and chilled mineral water. I even sulk every time my car’s odometer hits 50.000 KM. I’m just spoiled rotten that way. But, every time I see the kids at Africa, I have this feeling that I’d survive there without all these things.

The thing is, since now I’m married and practically running a company, the decision it’s not up to me anymore. I should have realized this before I decided to commit in a relationship, but when you fall in love, you tend to fall down deep. After love, comes reality. Two jobs after graduation, I found myself at one (or or three, I’ve lsot count) of my dad’s companies. Wedding plan rolled in, renovations started, et voila, here I am.

Last Saturday, I got a chance to watch performances by the orphans from ACC, Malawi. Before the performances, they played a short film of ACC daily activities. ACC is currently taking care of 3000 orphans in Malawi and hoping to be able to open a center throughout Africa. These orphans are raised in Buddhist manners. Most of the activities are conducted in Mandarin. That is why they are fluent in Mandarin. They learn Dharma. They are vegetarians, and they practice Chinese Wushu or Kungfu every day.

I had the chance to attend the Q&A sessions with the founder of ACC, and when someone asked why does ACC let these kids learn kungfu. The Master said that health care in Africa is very expensive and the kids are in a very bad health condition. Learning kungfu helps them to improve their physical health and also gives them a skill of self defense. Because when they are 18 years old, they will leave this center and free to choose their path of life as well as their beliefs and religions.

As expected, during the whole thing, I cried. I was so mad at myself because I forgot what I once wanted to do so bad. I was so mad because instead of being there to help, I was sitting comfortably watching this whole thing. I cried some more because I realized that I still want to do this.

Can I just be selfish, pack my things and follow what my heart tells me to do?

Meanwhile, enjoy this awesome performance.


  1. *hugs*

    I know your feeling, Ste. Because, before I know “world freedom” is a cliche word at the Miss Universe beauty pageant, I’ve already included it in my pray every night before I went to bed. And I can’t stand seeing poverty and injustice in front of my very eyes. That’s why everytime I do a reporting job in a slum area, my heart will get sunk :(

    Btw, are you happened to be an Aquarian? According to ZodiacFacts (hahahaha…), altruistic is a trait related to those born under the Aquarius zodiac. And yeah, I’m an Aquarian :)

    • Hey, Thanks Ira. I’m glad when someone can relate to this. In Buddhism we have a prayer (or almost a greeting because we say it all the time). ‘sabbe satta bhavantu sukhitatta’ that means ‘happiness for all being’. Maybe if world peace won’t ever exist, we can each find our inner peace :D

      I’m not an Aquarian. According to my birthday, I’m Virgo but apart from the selective OCD, there’s nothing Virgo about me too. Weird. LOL.

      *hugs back*

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