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It’s Edward Cullen moment once more. I like Twilight, sue me. Although Rob Patt practically ruined Edward for me haha. I’ve wished for a vampire friend sitting on my bedroom window since I was 10 y.o. And having it written Harlequin-ish was quite satisfying. Ehm.

Anyway, recently I found someone who gave me the exact same feeling. I believe that it is what Katy Perry would call a ‘teenage dream’ feeling. To cut the crap short…


excuse me, I need to get more tissue. #nosebleed



  1. cute! Rawrrr..!

    • maximum cutenesssssss

  2. yummyyy.. :)

  3. Apalagi pas liat dia shock abis dicium (halah siapa pula namanya? Ga peduli, hihi) partner nyanyinya itu. Polos sekaliii si ganteng ini ya…

    • liat fotonya aku pun tersapu-sapu malu hahahahaa

  4. Just stumbled on your blog and glad that we have a similarity here :) Cam definitely oozes the Ed Cullen’s aura! He he

    • I’d love to see him playing Edward, rather than robpat :))

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