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I used to enjoy a quiet holiday alone at home doing my things, with occasional brunches and coffees with friends. This holiday was different though, with a husband, I needed to scratch off some things in my holiday to do list. Well, practically all. Did I manage to make something with the paper clay Uni got me? Nope. Did I do photo shoot with Mini Danbo that Ikhsan gave me? Nada. Did I watch even one DVD I bought for a holiday? Sort of, because I fell asleep in the middle of the movie.

To make it better, the water crisis happened. I still think that it’s ridiculous to spend IDR 250K for one cubic of water. We didn’t wanna leave the house because the Guy didn’t want to leave his xbox and my torrent was still running. The water starts to run yesterday, but it was yellowish and dirty. So we are still using the water that we bought.

Now, I can’t wait for September to be over. I need to get out of this country. I proposed a month holiday for myself in OZ, but of course got rejected by the husband. LOL. Tonight, I will try asking for a 15 days holiday (of course still OZ), hope that he will budge.

If not, I’ll try a weekend in Malang for my friends’ wedding. It’s not exactly out of the country but at least out of the city.

Still cannot? Brazil 2014 it is.



  1. Then I’ll see you in Brazil 2014! Udah nabung sejak Olimpiade lalu hihihi…

    • aku baru mulai tahun ini, but I have a real good feeling about this! See you, there! :D

  2. OZ dong steeee.. gue janji deh kalo lo gak ke perth gue susulin demi ketemu suden!! (loh) hahahaha

    • aku sedang mencoba. tapi suamipo pasti tidak ikuttttt

  3. OZ itu ke melben kan ya? Eh ste dan leila curang amat sik kalian mau ke brazil.. *tusuk-tusuk boneka voodoo*

    • mau ke melben jugaaaaa. well, karena pergi sendiri ga boleh. lagi membujuk2 orang tua untuk family holiday sebelom visa oznya abis desember ntar. doakan akuuuuu…

      yuk nad, brazil yukkkk.

  4. bar hopping?!?!? hahahahha asek

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