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so, after constant fat speeches from almost everyone around me, I decided to try Muay Thai or kick boxing. There’s a dogdy Muay Thai gym near my house and when I said dodgy, I meant it. From my first visit, I decided that if I decided to continue practicing, I’m gonna change at work, so I don’t have to use their bathroom/changing room/toilet.

Anyway, I forgot to bring my hand wrap that day, so I had to use the ones at the gym. And obviously I have to borrow their boxing gloves too.

And my hands smelled like feet afterwards. Seriously.

I had a 90 minutes private session, where I spent about 40 minutes looking for my breath. The trainer told me that it’s normal for my first session, and for someone as heavy as me(ouch). But he promised that if I keep this up, I’ll lose some weight.

Never have I thought in my life, that the sound when your punches and kicks hit the pads is so friggin surreal. It’s like a hallelujah moment. But it’s better and it’s within reach. Even though I had to move like frankenstein’s bride and groaned along the movement for the next few days, I can’t wait to go back there.

It feels like fight club, except that you don’t get hit.

5 consecutive trainings and I’m gonna buy my own boxing gloves. Yay!



  1. Gue tertarik ni ste sama muay thai.. apalagi kayaknya lagi booming bgt.. hehe teteuub.. di gym kayak ff gitu ada ga sih?

    • kalo di gym macem FF itu biasanya ada kelas dari les mills, namanya body combat. itu aerobic exercise with martial art movements gitu deh, jadi ada kickboxing, capoeira dan lain-lain. menyenangkan sih tapi lama-lama bosen (kayak gue yg udah nyumbang ke gym 2,5 tahun) :))

      klo private lesson ini pelatihnya ngajarin kuda-kuda, trus jurusnya (jurus bukan sih namanya haha) kayak straight, jab, uppercut, cross, elbow. dan kick. abis drill jurus, terus padwork, nonjok dan tendang2in pelatihnya *my fave part*

      you should give it a try. it’s fun!

      • Hoo kalo body combat dulu gue pernah, tapi gara2 rame bener kelasnya jadi sempit sampe mepet2 kaya di angkot jadi ga bebas gitu mau nendang sana-sini, dan ijk keburu males huehuehue.. ah jadi kepingin bgt gue muay thai.. gugel ah *gampang teracuni*

  2. eh lebih dodgy mana, dulu yodee mau nge gym di pamulang, ada mas2 lagi apa tuh yang sepedahan, SAMBIL MAKAN SEMANGKOK BAKSOOOOO hahahhahahah

    • ahahaha ini trainernya parah abis. pas gue lg ngos2an, dia permisi, trus ngerokok di locker room, di mana locker room itu kaca bening! keliatan dr tempat latian. eng ing eng abis. (eng ing eng itu basa jaman kapan coba ya)

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