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I’ve never been a dog or cat person in my life. I always thought animals look cuter in pictures. That was before I met Olive. It’s quite a funny story and I’m gonna write it in a blog dedicated to Olive. Anyway, after that I automatically classified myself as a dog person. Besides dogs, other animals are cute. in pictures.

But sometimes, strange things happen in life. Things that make you change your mind about something. Things that make something that used to be ordinary become special.

It was my birthday night when I heard a kitten meowing on our rooftop. I waited for the guy to get home because I was afraid to go up. Of course I was scared of the roaches, what else. Anyway, when he got home, he couldn’t climb up because he hurt his back by sitting in a wrong position whatev. So I moved the stairs and climbed up, I caught the glimpse of the kitten, but it ran away and I couldn’t reach it. The guy finally forced himself to climb up too but still couldn’t find it. After almost an hour we gave up. We still heard it, but we thought, maybe the mother was also there.

We didn’t hear anything the day after. But on Friday night, when it rained cats and dogs, we heard it calling again. This time we couldn’t climb up, the rain was too heavy. We just prayed that it would find a safe and dry spot to spend the night safely.

Saturday morning, it was about 6 a.m. when I heard it calling again. This time it was louder and closer. It kept on calling and calling. The guy decided to climb up again and only found the mother. I searched in our garage, and found it trapped in our shoes rack.

After two days in our house, these two dog people agreed that this is the cutest kitten ever! The guy hates cat, but he was the one who put it in her box and blanket every night. We were pretty clueless about cats so we just gave her cow milk. It didn’t show any lactose intolerant reaction so we continued giving it. After two days, my sister named her Shelly, we wasn’t sure if it was a male of female and Shelly was a safe name. It’s a form of nickname for Sheldon. In those two days, Shelly got used to me and the guy. We found out that it was a female when I took it to the vet for vaccination. She did these cute little things like, rubbing her body against our feet, rolled on the floor asking for belly rub, and she even learned to climb up my jeans so I could hold her in my arms. She knew her name already because every time we call out “Shelly!”, she would meow back. During the night, she would scratch the front door asking us to let her in.

The guy said something that I never thought he would said. He said, “Shelly is so cute. You sure you wanna give her away?” I only cried to that question :p

Anyway, I’m giving her away today. I hope that she will have a better home, and her new owner would love her as much as we did in those three lovely days. We never thought that we would fall in love with a cat, but we did. We fell down deep. :)



  1. awwww. shelly, bigbangtheory right?loll. why didn’t u keep it cii? its so cute, and I think it would be a really company for Olive . :D

    • we tried to introduce them to each other, but it was a total chaos :(

  2. soft kitty soft kitty x)

    • little ball of fur T_T

  3. loh ternyata ada ibunya toh ste?

    semoga Shelly manis selalu di keluarga barunya yaaa…

    • maknya ninggalin dia smiw. tiap hari suami gue liet mondar mandir acuh tak acuh gitu deket rumah.

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