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September is my favorite month of the year because the tv series are starting again after the summer break. Watched ‘How I Met Your Mother’ last night, and will download ‘Glee’ and ‘Two and a Half Men’ tonight. ‘Big Bang Theory’ is starting soon too. ‘Gossip Girl’, ‘Modern Family’, ‘The Simpsons’, ‘Family Guy’ and many others!

Before they started, I was quite contented with ‘Drop Dead Diva’ and ‘Awkward’. Jenna Hamilton is the girl I wish I could be in highschool. Ahahaha. Busy week starting now! Oh, the pilot of ‘New Girl’ was brilliant! More please! Too bad ‘Outsourced’ didn’t make it to the second season. I miss the gank already.

I use so many tv series references in my daily life, I don’t think I can become friends with those who doesn’t watch tv series. I mean it sucks when you say awesome things like, “It’s gonna be legend … wait for it.. dary” or reenact awesome moment such as “*knock knock* Mawi *knock knock* Mawi *knock knock* Mawi” and no one understands. Right? right? right?

Seriously, I love September.




    im so sad outsourced is axed tho :(( will miss the gank :(( *nyanyi eternal flame*

    cannot wait for modern family!! uuuyeee!!

  2. eh kok Mawi sih? bukannya Penny?
    *siap2 di-unfriend oleh Ste*

    • *knock knock* piya *knock knock* piya *knock knock* piya

  3. kira-kira Grayson akhirnya jatuh cinta gak ya sama Jane? haha masih kebawa-bawa suasana “ugly betty ” nih..daniel jatuh cinta sama betty haha

    • ugly bettynya ga lanjut tapi T_T

  4. eh btw, glee started to scare the shit out of me. cannot. enjoy. it. anymore.

    • im curious about the glee project winners in this season. last season was quite on and off for me.

  5. “It’s gonna be legend … wait for it.. dary” is indeed legend….wait for it…. dary.. :)))))))))

    secara gw pembosan orangnya, gak semua series gw tonton.
    etapitapitapi aku sungguh teramat sangat merindukan phil dan gloria..

    • ahahahaa akupun tak semua kutonton. banyak yg sudah kutinggalkan. biasanya karena ketinggalan downloadan atau lama tak nyamperin koh asink di mangga dua square.

      tak sabar menunggu modern family yaaaa

  6. I love september!!! I miss HOUSE really bad.. I miss Sheldon.. I miss Charlie, I still miss Charlie, and I will always miss Charlie *tusuk-tusuk boneka voodoo ashton kutcher* err did I write his name correctly?

    • i want my uncle charlie tooo T___________T even tho Ashton got half naked in the first ep but ashton Y U NO AS FUNNY AS UNCLE CHARLIE???

  7. gue udah download mf, big bang, himym, total 6 episode. tapi ditabung semua gak berani nonton takut di apt gak ada kerjaan. (gak ada tv / internet) DIE!!! ahahahahhaah

    • mawi start donloding awkward deh. very high school jadi rindu :D

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