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I never thought I’d die alone
Another six months I’ll be unknown
Give all my things to my friends
You’ll never set foot in my room again

– Adam’s Song by Blink 182

I’m sick of people who act like they have life all figured out. People who experienced terrible things in their life and survive, and they start acting like they are better than the other ‘ordinary’ people. I never thought that people could be smug because of disastrous events, but boy, they really can.

You don’t figured life out because, if you take a different path going home today from work, things that happened might not be the same if you have taken the same path. Every step and action creates different events. Sure, it might have been ‘written’ but things that are bound to be happened, will happen sooner or later.

Yeap, sooner or later because timing is a bitch.

As you can see, I’m not exactly the most positive person in the room. Sure negativity spreads but you know what, positivity wears you out. Being next to a positive person is as tiring as being next to a negative person. Both will drive you nuts at one point. This is why I don’t like people in general. It’s hard to find ones with the same wavelength.
And one I know who happened to have the same wavelength is also someone who uses dangdut lyrics as references! You know who you are BESTIE :p

Haven’t been updated with new songs lately. Back to the root with all those emos and punk song. All this talk about death is really comforting.



  1. halo, salam kenal ya. ah pengen punya anjing juga, tapi ga dibolehin pacar gara2 dia ga suka binatang berbulu :( rempong, pelihara kucing juga ga boleh, padahal saya suka binatang yg berbulu.

    • Hi, Icha. Kalau belum serumah sama pacarnya gapapa toh piara di rumah sendiri :D

  2. “orang lain berlabuh, aku yang tenggelam”…

    just in case u want to listen to the song,

    you’re welcome!

    • MAKASIH LOH MAWI :))))) *gemessss*

  3. ugggggggghhh… i know why you wrote this, and still angry about that.

    “Being next to a positive person is as tiring as being next to a negative person. Both will drive you nuts at one point.” >> ini bener banget.

    Anyway, posting ini mengingatkan gw jg pada jamannya di kamar gw ada tulisan mungil di meja belajar: “I’m 26, and still suicidal.”

    Different ppl, different results-lah ya, Ste.. Jalan barengbareng di jalan yang sama aja yang satu bisa apes nginjek tai, yang satunya ngetawain.

    • I’m 26 and still suicidal itu gue banget ahahaha.

      anyway, ya some people. Meh :)))

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