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So, dad took us to his friend’ family karaoke that just opened recently near my parents’ house. There was only 5 of us because the Guy had to work overtime. The idea seemed fun because it’s been a while since 5 of us got together. Until I realized that it’s very hard to find songs without sex or violence content nowadays.

It was A W K W A R D (with capital and spaces), when I sang Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream and my parents were watching the video. So I resorted to good old songs like the Beatles’.

At that point, I don’t understand why did they call it family karaoke. I love my family, but seriously singing songs about getting high and skin tight jeans in front of your parents shouldn’t be categorized as family activity. Plus the music video. It was too much, really.

And we ended that night with Far East Movement’s ‘Like a G6’, so much for being subtle ya dek. :))



  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA… gue aja ngeliat video nya katy perry agak shockkk!!

    lagu paling aman buat nyanyi bareng keluarga itu palingan, lagu indonesia yang ngetop / dangdut.. (pernah duet benang biru sama bokap, plus pake gaya nyapa penonton)… *nunduk*

    • bokap gue nyanyi lagu lawas gitu pan, era2 elvis gitu.. tapi videonya ala diskotek mangga besar. asli awkward ahahahahha

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