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“You know yesterday. I woke up very early. But when I looked to my right, I couldn’t find you. So I started calling your name, but you didn’t answer. I got up, looked for you in the bathroom, in the kitchen, everywhere around the house, but I couldn’t find you. Your keys were still hanging. Your car was still outside. Even your bag and slippers were there. But I couldn’t find you anywhere and I got panic. Puzzled, I went back to the bedroom and I found you under the blanket, still sleeping. And you must have been there all along, but it felt like you were not. It felt like you were gone. And yes, I was panic.”



  1. awww suamipooo

  2. Sweetness! *agak berkaca-kaca*

  3. awwwwww sudennn

  4. Very sweet of him..

  5. ahahaha..walau diucapkan dengan nada datar tapi pas denger jlebbbb banget :”) thanks, ladies :)

  6. berkacakaca akuuuu suamipoooo!

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