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You would realize that you have trouble controlling your shopping habit when you total the amount you’ve spent this month and it is twice your salary. I was looking at my bank statement and saw all these names I don’t recognize, then it hits me, they are all the transfers I made to online shops. Then I summed up all the money I took from the ATM. Okay, close to a month salary. Still survived September.

Then I checked my credit card bills.

Okay, no more OLS and shopping (unless for anniversary and the guy’s birthday which is happening on November and December) until 2012.

What made me sick to my stomach wasn’t the amount of money spent, but the lack of control in spending them. It’s silly to spend for financial planner service and ended up in this kind of situation. Meh.


  1. *tos*

    • T__________T widhiiiiii…

  2. *memandang list damage 2 hari karena masalah kemaren*


    • isannnn *berpelukan teletubbies dengan dompet kosong*

  3. memang perlu “ditampar” dulu ya buat menyadari bad habit kita.. hihihi..

  4. when in doubt, wear black. when in debt, call dad :)

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