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Because of the frenzy spending on things that were not even on my wishlist. I decide to make a list, so once I get the spare money, I will spend it on something that I actually long for. These are in random order because I want them all.

1. Calvin and Hobbes Box Set ORDERED!!!!

2. CAT diecast 1:87 scale : Hydraulic Excavator, Cement Mixer, Highway Truck, Bulldozer, Lift Truck), actually I want all of them, but the Guy told me I can only purchase 5 at one buying. It costs about IDR 280K each in Multi Toyshop.

3. Swatch 0-300, Silver Plate and Cab Driver (About IDR 1,000K each). It’s silly because I just purchased 6 swatch watches, but didn’t include them. Well, spur of the moment.

4. A complete set of Kiyohiko Azuma comics in Taiwanese. Yotsuba, Azumanga Daioh and Wallaby. Probably about 14 books, each is IDR 60k. But I gotta wait until someone goes to Taiwan. I do have some of them in Indonesian, but the Taiwanese version has the exact format as the Japanese version, while the Indonesian version omits some of the artwork.

I guess, that’s all for now. Should focus.



  1. books + watches = kryptonite!!!

    sepatu, tas, baju, semua lewat.. gak ngaruh!

    • the thing is, I look at my phone for time :))
      when you go online i wanna show you the watches I’m eyeing. after you finish ehm.. cooking ehm..
      ok mawiiii

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