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so my granma and her entourage arrived yesterday. naturally, the first question they asked when they saw me was. “Are you pregnant yet?” And I answered nope, while waiting for the next statement I heard so many times over the phone. “Oh. but your cousin’s wife who got married in the same month as you did is pregnant. She’s x months along now. blablabla…”

Instead, what I heard was quite shocking. Turns out, the wifey had gone through two miscarriages. I feel really bad for her.

When you thought you’ve figured it out. Life fcks you back and forth. Sometimes I do envy those people who believe in god. They can seek comfort, question or even blame their god for whatever bad things that occurred in their life. It must be very comforting to have something/someone to turn to in the most devastating moment of your life.

Oh why so serious? All I can think of now is that at least for a few weeks I won’t be bothered with the “Are you preggo?” questions. Too bad the in-laws are flying in soon. Hope they will just stay focus on koko’s wedding.



  1. oh I thought Buddhists also believe in God..? Hm..maybe I misinterpreted the lesson I got Buddhism class in college :-/

    • Haha. We believe in deities. But deities aren’t a god that is omnipotent and omniscient. They still have human characteristics but they are a different living form.

      The ground rule is karma. You are the owner of your own karma. It’s not as simple as action = reaction, it’s a lot more than that. but that I have yet to learn. :D

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